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Individual Counselling and Behavioural Consulting

Individual Counselling


The world is emerging from a period of challenge and complexity which has impacted almost everyone. Although difficult, this time has also presented opportunities for self reflection: a chance where many people are simultaneously gaining insight into personal values, priorities and the core beliefs which shape how we live. 

Our counselling sessions provide a context and process for you to find what you need within you in order to live a happy life. Whether this is recovering from life's challenges, renewing personal passion, or reconnecting to a life with meaning, we will help you work through the hard stuff, set your goals and priorities and create a life of greater happiness.

Individual counselling sessions will be offered by Sandra Brenneis, a Registered Psychologist and may be covered by some insurance and employee benefit plans. 

  • $200/hr

Family Support - Social Emotional Behavioural Counsultant


Our behaviour consulting services utilize a wholistic approach to supporting children, youth, and families. We use a family-centered, clear, practical approach that empowers families to address challenging behaviours in their children. This approach knits multiple strategies into a functional plan, that can be developed in collaboration with other teams supporting a family.

Our goal is to help families and educators understand how behaviour is a form of communication and how environment impacts behaviour. With this understanding we can create calmer, happier experiences for children and families.

Behaviour Consulting will be offered by Andrea who has an inclusive philosophy and extensive knowledge and experience in understanding behaviour, trauma and mental health. 

  • $120/hr

*When contacting in email, please indicate in the subject line the service you are requesting.

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