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JIH Sessions

Sessions are intuitively designed to meet your individual or group needs. Sessions are focused on:

  • Reconnection and empowerment

  • Aligning body, mind and spirit

  • Finding happiness

You will leave your session feeling aligned with tools to support you on your growth journey. ​

*The JIH team includes a registered psychologist so sessions may be covered by your benefit plan. 

Individual JIH Session

Come join us where we create a safe space for your questions and personal growth. Each session is uniquely designed to help you let go of what is not serving you and find happiness...Just Imagine.

  • $200 for 90min

Buddy JIH Sessions

Come with a friend and support each other on your own unique journey. Typical buddy session 2hrs.

  • $280 for 2hrs

Child JIH Sessions

Have your child joins us for their personalized Angel Party!

We create a safe space for your child where we teach them tools and strategies to help navigate their daily life. 

  • $200 for 90min

Group JIH Session

Looking for a unique experience. Enjoy a girls night out or celebrate with friends. Groups limited to 8

  • contact for pricing

JIH Sessions: Your Services
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